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A Brand Management Company


A one-stop shop but never one size fits all. Whether one service or a few, we're here to help create the brand you've envisioned in your dreams

This is us, unapologetically dope, and birthed from a spirit of determination and ingenuity. It only takes one "yes" to make your dreams a reality, and funny enough the world has a cruel way of telling you no. Often times in the face of adversity many find it easier to just quit, but why throw it all away?


That's the question we often ask ourselves here at EB Network. For years we worked diligently reaching out to numerous vendors for services such as advertising, marketing, photography, videography, creative design, you name it. At each turn we somehow or another encountered disappointment. Instead of accepting defeat, we figured out how to get it done ourselves. We removed the middleman, decreased the overhead, and accepted the challenge. After our experience, we've made it our business to make advertising & 


marketing simple and convenient for the next. EB Network was created to support the business owner as they develop their business and/or idea from inception through completion and offer the tools to maintain and prosper thereafter. We offer the necessities at a reasonable cost to allow the business owner to focus on what matters to them the most, actually running their business. Though we cater to the new business owner our service offerings are strong enough to bolster even the most established corporation. We are inspiring young entrepreneurs to work together and build an ecosystem of wealth and knowledge through advertising, marketing, and social media. 

"We are EB Network, a wealth of knowledge & experience 

dedicated to taking your brand to the next level."

- Anthony "Le Scoot"




Lead Consultant







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